This site was formed strictly out of the notion that coffee lovers deserve to learn everything they want to know about coffee and all its forms.

We’re a small team of people who, just like you, can’t imagine themselves waking up and eating breakfast without a warm mug of coffee. If we were forced to spend the rest of the day without that necessary startup mug, we’ll feel like fish out of the water. We’ll feel groggy and tired, and even irritable for the rest of the day.

What we’ve just described may sound a little bit like caffeine addiction, but it’s just the way it is. We need two to three mugs per day – that’s how we survive the hectic schedules, various appointments, and busy work weeks.

This is the kind of addiction that you can totally indulge in – without breaking any laws. You can go to your local café and try out everything they have on the menu, and no one would file a lawsuit. It’s more likely that the store owner will praise you and have your picture plastered on their wall, like some sort of coffee-drinking MVP.

The reason we began this site is because we know how to make coffee – and we know all the right tools you need to do it. We know how to identify the bad products from the good ones. And up until now, we are still identifying and observing the new models being released in the market. We want to make sure that every coffee lover out there gets the right product that’s suitable for them. Anybody who appreciates coffee and all its physical benefits should have their own mini-café right in their very own home – that’s what we believe in.

What other purpose will we make of this knowledge and passion for coffee? Here we are, sharing it.