The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System – A Simple Way to Become Your Home’s Resident Barista

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The process of making espresso is hard enough. Imagine going into this unfamiliar territory only to be met by even harder to grasp concepts such as coffee pods and manufacturing company collaborations.

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System sounds really difficult to understand if you only read about it on reviews like this. But once you try it out for real, you’ll see how simple it really is and how easily you can make it work.

What’s even more relieving is how this model is currently sold at less than $130 dollars, meaning if you had a budget of $200 dollars, you’d still have money left to buy other important things.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at this handy model, to see all of its advantages and disadvantages, before you even spend a single dollar. We’ll try to keep it short and sweet, because we know you’d rather get to know the model yourself.

Let’s get started.


This model may sound difficult to operate, but it is actually designed to be super convenient. It allows you to brew espresso on one side while frothing milk on the other side. In fact, espresso is not the only thing it was constructed to give you. It also makes lattes!

The only thing you should keep in mind is that there are only two espresso size options, one Short (around 1.4 ounces) and one Lungo (which is about 2.8 ounces).

In terms of size, you’ll find this relatively easy to store, since it measures only 11.4 x 10.8 x 11.4 inches. It even weighs only 17 pounds, so moving it around while rearranging your countertop should be no big problem.

It’s easy to use, and also easy to clean. In terms of brewing speed, you can trust that this works quickly enough to keep up with your busy schedule.


You’ll come to love how this model gives you plenty of functions to work with, meaning you can be flexible with the beverages you produce. Like most of the best models, it gives you 15 bars worth of pressure, which makes it possible to produce espresso in a matter of seconds.

There are three frothing modes: one for cappuccino, one for latte, and one for cold froth. Make good use of this as well as the automatic on/off and energy-saving mode and you’ll surely have delicious drinks while also saving energy.

As many people know, a good frother is the key to a professional quality espresso. Fortunately, this model has exactly that.


This model has collected a large number of fans since its introduction to the market, and that’s because of its amazing features. It works with coffee pods – usually the ones from Lavazza. And while its coffee drinks taste heavenly, its durability can use a little work.

Perhaps it’s because of the price, but this isn’t the sturdiest espresso machine you’ll find out there.

There are also some concerns regarding the plastic frothing cup. Some people complain that after a couple of months in use, the cup starts to form stress cracks. The good news is that Keurig can provide a replacement frother vessel and lid for this system – all you have to do is contact them.


It’s a good example of a machine that’s affordable yet efficient. It works with coffee pods, making it a bit unique compared to other models on this list. But the advantage of that is it allows the machine to produce consistently tasty espresso shots, as well as cappuccinos and lattes.

You can get this for less than $130 dollars, but if you’re looking for other choices, you should click on this link for other top picks under $200 dollars.

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